Roberta Stone Photography

Thank you for entering my on-line studio. Here you will find images created in several distinct photographic mediums; digital photography which can produce finely detailed images that may be printed in very large formats without distortion, pinhole and Holga camera photography which are more traditional techniques using film or resin coated paper and darkroom technology; producing a much grainier, effect.

My most recent digital work includes street photography shot at dusk or night using unposed subjects around Provincetown and Boston. Although many photographers use a tripod and very long exposure times for night and low light photography I have been shooting with a hand held camera with shorter exposure times to incorporate people and situations that create a moment of interest and then fade into the night. This technique necessarily creates grainier photos but have more interest to me in their living subjects.

Most people are familiar with digital photographs and the various ways to set up and edit them, but knowledge of pinhole and the Holga camera is rarer. The pinhole cameras that I have used are hand-made and the examples here were created using cookie tins with resin coated photographic paper which is hand-developed in the darkroom. Shutter speeds are estimated and the aperture is fixed. There is no view finder. Holgas are "toy" cameras that use 120 size film, with only one shutter speed and one size of aperture; in this sense, they are like pinhole cameras. The view finder is not a direct image, but a close approximation. The resultant effect is often a velvety toned, somewhat hazy image with a nostalgic, almost ghostly feeling. I have taken advantage of the totally non-automatic functionality of these cameras to produce double exposures and impressionistic photos.

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